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Of Birthdays and Reminiscence 26 October 2011

Posted by Dr Moose in Uncategorized.

I’m sitting in the lounge killing a few moments before I need to take POG on the longest journey he’s had since the day I collected him in May, a thousand miles ago. The weather remains delightful, classic October sun, and I’m off to be the good son, and convey birthday greetings to both Mother and Nephew. All this makes the recent appearance of that voice of breakfasts past, Terry Wogan, a very fitting guest on the radio show I’ve just switched off.

It was a long time that I was my nephews age: J was 12 yesterday, and to mark it there was a short trip to the model shop to find a present. It was a strange and bittersweet experience. Memories of happy days with Dad and his extensive model railway, wistful regret at all the locomotives that remain stashed away upstairs, out of sunlight and harms way, and gentle disquiet at find not only did I want to buy something for me, but also to be able to spend a little more on J. Whether it’s because there’s too much month left at the end of the money, or whether because I have no son, I don’t know, but I really wish I could by J something a little better, possibly along the lines that if I can’t play with it, then someone like him should. And yet, at the some time there’s that cache of nostalgia simply hiding away. It’s not right, is it? Of course, then there’s A, my other nephew of a similar age, who, I’ve been told, likes cars, trains and maps and who I haven’t seen in years. Not so sure I make a good uncle or family man, to busy with work and my own priorities.

Life somehow seems terribly short, and terribly crowded. I keep discovering writing projects I haven’t touched for a year. CDs that are 20 years old. Memories carefully polished to shine and smell fresh. I’m even driving a 25 year old car these days. Perhaps it’s the mythical mid-life crisis, although I think it’s fair to simply call it “life”.

So, I’d better go to the supermarket for the wrapping paper and a card, as well as a card and something for Mum, as it is her day today. How can I have a 12 year old nephew, a Mum past retirement age, the memories of Dad?

But, of course, I do have other things. When I was J’s age I discovered Role-Playing Games, and they are still with me. Not long after I discovered my faith, and likewise that remains. And for the moment, that will suffice: the world turns, the divine endures.

Onward into the day.



1. Jane Williams - 26 October 2011

Possibly time to pull down all those locos upstairs and hand them on? Just a thought.

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