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Time, October 24 October 2011

Posted by Dr Moose in Uncategorized.

It’s a well-known fact that time is a peculiar thing. We all know how it can seem to pass at different speeds, or that there are occasions when there simply to seems more (or less) of it. In our house there rarely seems enough time for me to have a shower, for example!

I feel I’m in a bit of a time-warp at the moment too. For the first time in quite a while (shorthand for “I don’t know when”) I have rather more space and time as usual, since the GLW. LM & LMP are “up north” for a few days over half term.

So somehow I’ve been able to work harder, play harder, go to bed later, wake up earlier today (hence having already been outside to do the bins on this mild October morning, and have the laptop on before 7am) and generally “expand.” I’m not sure whether that’s the right word, but it’ll do.

This, the October half term, is one redolent with memories. Two years ago we had a glorious holiday at Great Yarmouth in a very comfy caravan, so good that I felt that last week that I should have booked a similar break. Last year (how can it really be last year) we were desperately unhappy about the shape of things in the parish and while the family did the “grandparent thing” I was “making space” in the comfort of Ampleforth Abbey, which culminated in an interview for the post of Chaplain at York St John University. Obviously I didn’t get the job, otherwise I wouldn’t still be here.

Now, a year on, I feel pretty much in the right place for the first time in quite a while. I’m still sure that the half and half post isn’t really sustainable in the long term, but there’s good stuff happening, at home (with weekly Skype role-playing and the possibility of real, face to face, gaming), with GLW and the girls being happy and settled, with church feeling like it’s going places.

So here I am. Here I sit. I can do no other (apart from get up and have that shower!)



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