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I’m nothing if not indecisive 10 January 2011

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Ponderings.

It’s one thing to wish, it’s another to do.

Of course, we all know that. But it doesn’t make it any less true. I might earnestly desire to write (RPG material?) and get it published, but I’ve never been the world’s greatest self-starter (despite having a vocation that almost demands it!) Or maybe the truth is that I’m not a great finisher. My life is littered with partly-written discussion documents, started books and potentially bright ideas, but achieving completion, that means deadlines. Real deadlines.

The PhD was a doddle: there was a date when my income would dry up. Public speaking, which is an essential component of my life, demands a ready product… or at least an awareness of something you are intending combined with faith God’s provision and your own flexibility. These too are achievable, because they have to be done.

But writing in my current vein, that’s a different matter entirely, especially when coupled at present with the idea that I’m doing it because I enjoy it, rather than discovering enjoyment along the way.

Still, I think it’s time I went back to ruminating on a project that I want to actually go somewhere… presuming I can actually decide where it’s starting in the first place. I’m nothing if not indecisive… or am I? Mmmm…



1. Tom Zunder - 10 January 2011

I am much the same. My wife says “All the motivation, none of the willpower.” I am literally a butterfly brain, flitting from idea to idea. I may not even finish this comment before I

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