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New Year’s Irresolutions! 3 January 2011

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Life, Role-Playing Games.

It’s that time of year again, the fulcrum upon which the calendar balances, and up and down the land folks are busily trying to learn from their mistakes, shake-off the bad habits and “improve” themselves. I have to admit that I’m always rather reluctant to make any New Year’s resolutions, as I know myself well enough to remember how little I actually change, and how long it takes me to get my act together.

Nevertheless, I offer some rather disparate New Year’s Irresolutions instead… and I will later trawl blogs and Facebook to see how many I have failed at in previous years.


  • I am very good at dithering, and very poor at finishing. I’m very good at immediate response and rather poor at giving things due thought and reaching conclusions (however tentative). To that end I need to spend less time on Facebook (no matter how much I value the “community”) and more on considered blogging. I can’t hide the fact that for all the frustrations of my last post I was better read, better informed and more thoughtful – and so I need to read more, both theologically and beyond.
  • Generally I need to prevaricate less, and also to continue the de-cluttering process started later last year.
  • I’m also not so good at looking after myself as I should be, and while I can’t guarantee any healthier eating I do need to cut down on alcohol consumption, so that means wine only with meals, and other drinks only in the company of other drinkers.
  • I’m very aware that for several years I’ve been doing a lot of “looking back” at the good times of the past, and doing very little “looking forward”. Even long-booked holidays have a tendency to arrive without any real hopes for what is to be done or achieved other than not being at work! I need to raise my eyes into the future, and look back rather less!


  • It would be too easy to write that I need to “take my faith seriously” but I already do, so there must be something about application and better management that’s needed! I do sadly lack a means of expressing my own worship, rather than simply leading the worship of the church, which is too often an “act” of worship.
  • I need to learn to be more directive and more pro-active (although that’s never easy and increasingly difficult to do without merely stealing time from the “other” half post). Whether I like it or not there are a number things that will only happen if I make them happen – so I need to balance the driving through of change, so that it becomes seen as normal, with the needs for having others actually champion and propose positive change. I can’t hide the fact that I want a Full-Time Chaplaincy post, but I can’t just “coast” on the off-chance post will turn up, and the matter is complicated by the family being generally happier than they were.
  • In terms of practical office management I need to open work post when it arrives…. even though I usually know from the envelope what’s of value and what is simple “Christian Junk Mail”!
  • It might also be helpful if I could work further on synthesising my Christian faith with my enthusiasm for the Role-Playing Games community, and ensure that it’s a manner that is honest, faithful, and yet sensitive and non-threatening. I can see definite possibilities here… as long as it remains a personal delight, rather than something more obligatory.

Role-Playing Games

  • I need to set and achieve some targets. Not just to hope that things will happen. It’s about conclusion again – I know Newt wants to publish some of my stuff, so I need to get down to working more on it. Likewise, if I want to help others’ stuff I have to do it, and not put it off!
  • And yes, I need to get gaming again. Not just at conventions, but regularly… and if that means I have to referee and create the group from scratch I have to look very carefully to find the ways and time to do it!

So – not a lot then! And a lot of it is about doing, or achieving, more! The question then is what will be dropped along the way, by accident or design. Whatever the current government, and especially the conservative part of it, seems to believe, you cannot make limitless “efficiency savings”. And, of course, as an ENTJ I’ve again presumed a lot about the presence, power and will of God, the boss, and the health of self, wider family and friends.

Still, I’d better stop… or yet another day of the New Year will disappear.



1. Chris - 4 January 2011

A Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope all is well in your parish. I’m thinking about attending Consternation in Cambridge this August.

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