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Bittersweet Approaches 14 December 2010

Posted by Dr Moose in Church, Faith, Ponderings.

Good assembly today at nearest (non-Church) school. We’ve been working through the Christmas story over the last few weeks, and despite my schedule saying “The Nativity” today they’d already got there, which left me a little high and dry…. for all of 60 seconds. Instead I turned things on their head and got them to ask me questions about Christmas; the things they didn’t understand and wanted to know.

Some cracking questions came back too! Not just about whether Father Christmas and the elves existed or how reindeer fly (I said “Red Bull”), but some perceptive ones, like the opener from a Year 6, “What has Santa Claus got to do with Christmas?” – a fantastic opportunity to look at Saint Nicholas and do a little untangling of conflated stories. “How long has Christmas been celebrated?”, “why is it called Christmas?”, “Who was King Herod?”, “Why do we celebrate Christmas?”

Sweetness marred somewhat by meeting a parish contact who’s had a really rough 2 years with death of wife and other significant friends who’s now lost his father. However, the funeral’s going straight to Crem and hasn’t come my way, although I think I know the minister taking it. Saddened too that one of the children is finding it really difficult and seeing a counsellor; also slightly disturbed that there seems to be little place, or expectation, for the church within the support process – we don’t even seem to figure as a possibility.

So give thanks for the sweetness, the willingness to discover, and spare a prayer for M and his family, and all whose Christmasses are marred by bereavement.



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