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Bishop’s Day for Clergy – insights in Discipleship 13 November 2010

Posted by Dr Moose in Church, Faith, Ponderings.

Most pleasantly surprised by the Bishop’s Day for Clergy yesterday. What could have been a rather stodgy day turned out to be very good indeed, for a number of reasons. Most noteworthy, apart from the sheer joy of worshipping without leading and being surrounded by predominantly male voices singing with faith and gusto (somewhat reminiscent of the Jesus Arms at Greenbelt, but sadly lacking in alcohol), were NewBish’s ruminations.

His reflections on Jesus’ teaching on Alms-giving, Prayer and Fasting can best be described as ‘considered, gently-provocative and thought-provoking’ (such as the observation not only that Jesus considers alms-giving and fasting as core values when we might not so readily do so, and noting that alms-giving, however, we interpret that, has nothing to do with maintaining either the cost of ministry covered by the Parish Share, nor the fabric, and therefore falls into an entirely separate category from the giving we do on a Sunday, except with the relation to the outward giving of the church as moderated through the PCC).

Lots to ponder.

I could write more, but sadly the other business of the day and weekend needs attention, and won’t do itself!



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