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50% 4 October 2010

Posted by Dr Moose in Ponderings.

So, I hear that darling Boris, the blonde bombshell of the Conservative Party is now suggesting that unions should be required to show a 50% participation rate in any strike ballot for the result to be valid.

Will the same principle be extended then to Parliamentary Constituencies, or Mayoral elections then? (And, no, I couldn’t find the link that tell me the turnout figures, but it has to be there…)



1. tim ellis - 4 October 2010

You can get some figures from http://www.ukpolitical.info/ – It does suggest if these rules came into place, we’d not have any EuroMPs as the UK turnout is yet to reach 40% never mind 50. (This might not worry Tory Eurosceptics of course…)

The problem arises, what do you do if your election fails to return a result? Retain the current incumbant? (What if they are nable or unwilling to carry on?) Hold an immediate By-election (How soon do you think it would take for parents to get fed up with schools repeatedly closing for another election?). This is the same problem that makes it hard to add a “None of the above” option to UK elections

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