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Seeking the light of (the blogging) day. 10 September 2010

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Poetry.

I’m fully aware that I have much I need to blog about and peruse upon, since the two are much the same thing. However, in the interim, I offer a further poem of my esteemed friend, the Rev David Grieve. I thank you (even if I can’t crack the paragraphs at this speed)!


Thou mole, arrogantly building towers towards heaven,

Now thy plans are demolished, all dust and ruin,

gone every one. I counted seven.

Thou hads’t not planning permission, so don’t try suin’.

Thou’rt biding thy time, I know, and will poke again

thy velvet snout through grass and soil

but Cyril will come with chemical bane

to put an end to thy crafty toil.

Favourite of Jacobites though thou art,

thou’rt villain here and hereabout.

Get thee hence! Begone! Depart,

smooth destroyer of lawns, velvet lout!

© David Grieve 2010



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