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Looking Back and Looking Forward, or A Return to Caratan? 17 March 2010

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Role-Playing Games.
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Forcing myself to stop for a while has had an unexpected side-effect, in that I’ve just re-read the first stuff I ever had fan-published: Caratan. I’d forgotten how much of it there is – it takes up a significant chunk of Tradetalk 15 ‘The Savage West’. 8770 words for the main article and another 7200+ for the scenario. That’s quite a lot, certainly in retrospect. At least it is for me, as I know that for many of you (my gaming friends) it could be seen as a mere minor essay in the craft!

Although it was published in 2007 the origins go back to 2002. In fact, I’ve just dug out the original document as part of my plans for Pralorela, dating from 20 October 2002, no less. Those notes make fascinating reading too.

However, back to the point. In re-reading the published material I can see how much it could do with some re-writes and some editing (redacting and tidying up, both of content and order – even though I’m loathe to ever “chop” anything I’ve written!) The primary article needs some spelling amendments and there are occasional references to names that were changed and escaped later correction, but the scenario really is a bit of a dog’s dinner, at least in terms of grammar and construction.

So, why am I wittering? Well, I know some of you folks had a hand in shaping the piece. Some read early material and made thoughtful suggestions and comments. Some play-tested the original “Bad Omens and Bangles”, and kindly let your characters be used by others and published. Some played the scenario at Continuum and Tentacles, while a few even ran with the unfinished “Green Tide Rising” at Continuum. Technically speaking Caratan and the Aulorings are Gloranthan Canon as they made it into Blood over Gold, as is the city of Rikhnos Crossing (for which no details have been published) via the map therein.
So I offer a couple of questions and invite comment. Have any of you actually used/played in Caratan, other than at Cons with me? Beyond simple masochism on my part, would you see any value if I were to look at what changes would be needed for HQ2, tidy it up, integrate new material and so on? Would you be interested in a new scenario in Caratan for this year’s Continuum (which would effectively be a playtest?)

I’m not making any promises, but I’d value your thoughts.



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