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Security and Inconvenience 6 March 2010

Posted by Dr Moose in Grumbles, Humour, Life.

For a number of years I’ve been enjoying all the benefits of internet banking: instantaneous transfers between accounts, instant balances, and of course, forgetting to pay credit card bills as statements are never provided on paper! On the whole the system has been convenient, portable and remarkably easy to use, all the while being secure and safe.

Until recently, that is. At the start of this year the bank sent me a new debit card, several months before I expected it, which was a little odd, but not that unusual. It was then that the box arrived. A small box, from the bank.

Inside was what has rapidly become a pain – my very own card reader. It is small, light blue and looks for all the world like a slightly chunky calculator, with a slot for inserting my card at the top. “For my added security” (although I’m pleased to say the word “convenience” wasn’t there) I’m now expected to use this clever little gadget whenever I pay bills. It appears that in the quest for greater security I now have to use this on top of the regular security precautions, ones which the banks so frequently tell us are highly-rated.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want unauthorised use of my bank accounts, but this latest measure can best be described as unhelpful. The beauty of internet banking has been the fact that I can take my net book into a wi-fi zone, or use a laptop with my cell modem, or pop into the nearest internet café and catch up with any financial stuff I’ve forgotten. Now I have another thing to forget on my travels, or to lose.

Anyway, if you’ll excuse me, I must be off – I’ve another overdue credit card bill to pay…. once I can find the card reader!



1. Newt - 6 March 2010

I’m with HSBC, they not only give me a free McAlfee subscription, but also access to anti-fraud software. None of this is manadatory.

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