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Happy New Year 4 January 2009

Posted by Dr Moose in Geekery, Life.
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OK, so it’s a few days late, but the intentions are good.

Sorry I’ve not posted yet this year but life has been rather busy – not work, but computer-related.

Non-geeks may wish to skip this bit, or just for a masochistic thrill read on and see how much you can(‘t) understand!

(Begin Geekery) Not only do I now have an Eee, but so does the GLW, and I’ve also managed to trash new(-ish) XP laptop with a less-than clear Ubuntu 5.1 installation attempt. Now I’m having to try to recover that machine, but it seems to have some identity issues. Add in that the network SCSI drive seems to not be linux compatible, and I don’t want to do anything too radical to the Eee (which I am using now and with which I am completely smitten). I’ve spent the evening proving that an old Win98 PC can connect to the wireless network using the spare PCMCIA card, and now need to install the SCSI drivers,  if I can. (Still with me?)  Except the laptop has all the grace and elegance of a 3-toed sloth and insuficient power to run OpenOffice 2.0. This means that even if can get it  connect to the Network drive I won’t be able to do much with the files. Unless I can find a copy of OpenOffice 1.15 which would allow me to open, but not save .odt files, presuming that I can find an archived copy of OO1.15 somewhere on my system(s), since OOO don’t seem to provide legacy support.  (Asleep yet?)  Once I’ve got all that done (!) and can possibly access the network drive wirelessly, rather than only on the office machine, upon which it randomly invokes the Blue Screen of Death, or by LAN in the Guest Room, well then I might be ready to do the next bit. (By now you really must be glazing over!) About which I’m sure to tell you. (/Geekery)

I finally get to what I meant to write!

Watch this space for the Review of 2008 and the Intentions for 2009 (both currently in draft) and yes, thank you for the expressions of interest in gaming. I will be in touch – when I’m taking breaks in the middle of work, but more awake than I am now.

Still, school starts tomorrow, and with it, horrible, rushed and stressful mornings, which means it’s time to go. Really. Without another visit to Facebook. Honest. Well, maybe just a quick peek…



1. Neil Ford - 5 January 2009

I’ll check the archives at work for OO1.5. If we have it, I’ll stick it on an FTP server for you.

– Neil.

2. Jane - 5 January 2009

Fully understood, and wincing in sympathy.
Will look out for ancient copies of OO, but not optimistic.

3. mavnn - 5 January 2009

If the 5.1 installation didn’t work, would it be worth trying from scratch with a newer version of Ubuntu? In my experience, the hardware support has improved in each version up to 8.04 (which is what I’m currently using at home: 8.10 is out as well).

The installation is also massively simpler in the later versions, especially if all you want is a complete “ignore everything that’s here already, just give me a machine that works” install.

Dr Moose - 5 January 2009

It wasn’t a quick install I wanted unfortunately, it was a “oh look here’s a 20GB partition so I can make it dual boot” – and it all went horribly wrong… Ideally I’d want to restore the laptop to its XP state and then try again, although maybe with a different version!

I haven’t found 001.15 either, yet. I did have it and deleted it a few months back (memo to self, check the recycle bin on EMMIE). It’s possible I still have it on a zip disc somewhere. My “archiving” isn’t very systematic, but my “multiple redundancy” often pays dividends.

4. Chris - 6 January 2009

If you want to comment on roleplaying please go ahead and email me. I lack your phone number otherwise.

5. Jane - 18 January 2009

I have found an ancient DVD off the front of a “PC Format” magazine (Oct 2004!), which claims to contain Open Office 1.1.2 among other stuff. Are you still interested? If so, remind me of a snail-mail address (and don’t ask what ActiveSync has been doing to my contacts list recently).

6. Dr Moose - 18 January 2009

Thanks Jane, but I found a copy of OO 1.1.5 in the Recycle Bin of my p4 machine!

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