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I give in – RPG group sought 29 December 2008

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Role-Playing Games.

(And no, that’s nothing to do with Rocket Propelled Grenades, or at least, not directly!)

The university here in EMUT having no group, and me likewise, I’m looking to find, or found a group meeting once a month, preferably on a Friday evening (and occasionally more often, perhaps) in the Northamptonshire area, in fact anything up to 60 minutes drive from Northampton.

I’m willing to host in Northampton and/or referee and would prefer Glorantha (HeroQuest for preference, but Mongoose RuneQuest/RQ2-3 would be fine), Traveller or BRP, but not averse to Savage, Wordplay etc. Heck, I’ll even go d20 if I must!

Replies by comment welcome.

(More “serious” blog entries will be forthcoming soon).



1. Chris - 30 December 2008

Stuart, would southern Coventry be close enough? I know some people who may be interested. What day and time, what frequency are you considering?

2. elvis - 30 December 2008

The UK roleplayers site seems quite good http://www.ukroleplayers.com/features/clubs

3. mavnn - 30 December 2008

Chris, we might be some of those interested people (assuming south Coventry is close enough…). Will tell you more in person.

Apologies, Dr Moose, for littering your blog with comments from people you don’t know from Adam.

4. Dr Moose - 30 December 2008

This is all very healthy. South Cov would be do-able. I also have a gamer in Kettering area interested and have posted on the Not-So-Friendly-Local-Games-Stores BBS. Ultimately the system matters less than the people, as I’m more a settings fan anyway.

I continue to watch and respond, with interest. šŸ™‚

5. Chris - 30 December 2008

I shall be attending mavnn’s new year’s eve do tomorrow night and we plan to discuss this then.

I think that a game using Heroquest/Glorantha would be just fine.

6. mavnn - 30 December 2008

I’d have a preference for running a magic/psionic-less SciFi game if we’re going to be involved: historical reasons for that preference were one of the reasons you directed me to Dr Moose’s blog in the first place. I’d be interested to continue the discussions šŸ™‚

Current bouncing idea would be a SciFi setting with an established empire (Traveller style but probably bit lower general tech level) and the characters being inexperienced but hopeful Imperial officials + family who are sent off to a safe, back water world – as either the ‘local government’ or ambassadorial staff – to get a couple of years experience under their belts before being given anything important to do.

Then, of course, everything goes wrong :).

System wise, I’m fairly easy, but given the number of good systems out there available for free I’d not want to be spending money on anything at the moment: Tri Stat is available for free and would suit this kind of game down to the ground.

Oops. You got me started.

As mentioned: we’re rather limited on resources at the moment, and I need to talk through with Hedya how feasable this is. We’d definitely only be looking at one session a month, and it would have to be here even if I’m not running due to baby sitting issues.

Anyway, all this stuff can be better discussed in person! I’ll go away again now…

7. mavnn - 30 December 2008

And last spam: tonight is my “writing night” but I’ve been having a bit of a block recently.

So rather than more fantasy mythology, have some first ideas for a SciFi game.

8. Chris - 1 January 2009

Stuart, please can you email me your phone number so that we can discuss this further.

9. Kevin - 26 July 2009

Many months late; but have just moved back to N’hampton area and after about 20 years of not playing wouldn’t mind getting back into RQ2 or Rolemaster, for preference. But would consider alternative Fantasy games (no modern, space etc) with hack, slash, magic and cos it’s me hopefully some thought and trading too.

10. Dr Moose - 27 July 2009

Hi Kevin, I’m finally trying to get my act together, although I have an almost straight split between “I want sci-fi, but no fantasy” and “I want fantasy but no sci-fi” types! Could be challenging! šŸ™‚

11. Kevin - 27 July 2009

DrMoose, isn’t that always the way šŸ™‚

Let me know which way you jump; and if not Fantasy, what you choose to do. I may give it a go anyway; it’s just that my experiences in the past (traveller, cyber punk, errr and another post apocolyptic game which I don’t remember now) seemed to need too much GM keeping players alive to the detriment of just guiding the players and otherwise letting them get on with it. Having said that, I’m not averse to characters dying if thats what the gods (dice) say. Quick wake and then get rolling a new one šŸ™‚

Player development is my thing game wise, I like games that let you personalise your characters over time; the players you are with obviously make the biggest difference overall though.

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