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Religious ‘shun nanotechnology’ 8 December 2008

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Life, Ponderings, Prevarication, Recommendations.
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“Religion provides a perceptual filter, highly religious people look at information differently, it follows from the way religion provides guidance in people’s everyday lives,” he said.

Well, yes… but do we really need researchers to tell us this?

The researchers say their finding support the idea that underlying cultural beliefs have a stronger influence on opinions formed about nanotechnology than science based information about its potential and pitfalls.

Fair enough – but does this actually tell us anything new? Nevertheless, it’s a starting point for discussion, I suppose. For example, we all know that “science based information” is presumed, or at least claimed, to be rational and value-neutral, for want of a better word – yet it still has to be filtered through human agency and sometimes the results of “independent” scientific inquiry seem to favour the opinions of the body that is providing the funding.

Me, cynical? No, just tired and prevaricating!



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