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Getting it right 5 December 2008

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Life, Recommendations, University.

I must be getting something right, or maybe God is busy answering prayers, both those I have made consciously and those I haven’t really uttered.

How else can I explain half a dozen people, some of whom barely know me, giving me the privilege of simply being able to listen to them as they unburden themselves of issues and worries over the last two days? (I would have commented on your blog too, you-know-who-you -are, but, to coin a phrase, I’ve forgotten my identity. ) And that’s even without the friends of S.

How else can I explain the offer, out of the blue this evening from Neighbouring Minister saying “how can I help you on Christmas Eve?” (Answer, by preaching, please).

Now all I need is the strength and commitment to do the service for Sunday. I’m not actually worried about the Memorial “thing” tomorrow afternoon (I’m reluctant to call that a “service”) – I can handle that with God’s help, I know that. It’s about not pretending to have all the answers, because none of us do – no matter what we think.

And Sunday? It’ll come together, and what’s more, give me a chance to continue to play with the new(ish) church photocopier.

I need to write more. This sort of commenting, though, is easy. It’s attacking more theological things, like Mike that takes the time, and I’d want to write more than that, too.



1. Ziggyrizz - 5 December 2008

two words, thank and you. Enough said!

2. Jane - 6 December 2008

The fact that you think listening to people is a privilege not a nuisance may go a long way to explain some of this. No need to invoke “answer to prayer” as an explanation when “you are a naturally wonderful person” covers it adequately.

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