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Praise to the Holiest in the height 1 October 2008

Posted by Dr Moose in Church, Faith, Life, Ponderings.
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… and in the depth be praise.

(Or the highs and lows of being a vicar).

Having swapped days off this week to get to Freshers’ Fair at the Uni today I popped into church to check how many Baptism cards we have – and discovered a flood.

Not a little one – but a half-bucket-deep-lifted-with-towelling-and- mop sort of flood (and that doesn’t include the wet carpet). Of course, it was windy last night as well as rainy and since the weather has been relatively benign recently you can almost forget the missing lead.

The ministry of servanthood with a towel is usually hallowed by Maundy Thursday, not by mopping up leaks! They don’t teach this in Vicar School. But that, I suppose, is the point. It’s in the mundane and every day that we should find space to worship – even simple gratitude for the unseen cleaners and sweepers.

That was the low. The high? Climbing, for the first time since my arrival a year ago, to the very roof of the church tower. Ostensibly to see whether any of the temporary sheeting had blown loose (and it had, so a phone call is probably needed). But really the best bit was the privilege of the view normally reserved for the birds of the air. Above the trees and roofs. One of the better views.

Praise to the Holiest in the height indeed.



1. christine lin - 1 October 2008

At first I thought you meant a flood of people requesting Baptism!!!! Now that would be a Holy Flood indeed!
Sorry that this was not that kind of flood, but hey, at least you got a gorgeous view for your troubles, right?

2. Chris - 2 October 2008

‘I can see my house from here’, a card from the cheap ass games publication” Captain Park’s Imaginary Polar Expedition “.

I game that I recommend highly.

3. Dr Moose - 2 October 2008

Thanks Chris. A laugh-out-loud moment on an uninspired day. I’ve heard good things about that game before! 🙂

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