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Rumour or Reality 15 September 2008

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Recommendations.
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Sir Tim Berners-Lee on the future of the World Wide Web, and worth reflection given the age old fallacy “if I read it, it must be true!”

The internet needs a way to help people separate rumour from real science, says the creator of the World Wide Web.

Talking to BBC News Sir Tim Berners-Lee said he was increasingly worried about the way the web has been used to spread disinformation.

Sir Tim was speaking in advance of an announcement about a Foundation he has helped create that he hopes will improve the World Wide Web.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Warning sounded on webs future



1. Chris - 15 September 2008

Stuart, I have linked your blog through to my livejournal account, which I note in the url line. I have created a feed called ‘demoose’ as drmoose was taken.

I’ll be interested to see what ideas the foundation will propose, especially when it comes to scientific ‘infighting’ created by special interest groups looking to advance their opinions i.e. Climate change, what causes it and what impact will it have? How will they stop the sites with ‘approved’ status abusing their position?

2. Dr Moose - 15 September 2008

Thanks for looking in Chris (I’m trying to place whether I know you or whether its a simple case of “hmm, interesting blog” – in which case I’m doubly honoured).

I suspect your question is pretty much a rhetorical one, as maybe some of TBLs points might be too. I don’t think there ever will be a way to really stop the infighting within scientific communities and special interest groups, but at least the older ‘journal’ model of publishing does have peer review mechanisms – something that Wikipedia IMHO does moderately well.

Maybe the best we can hope for is some method of curbing the most outlandish fringe sciences and conspiracy theories (being aware that someone might look upon my own approaches as being “fringe” or “conspiratiorial” – but that’s just the nature of fallible humanity! 🙂 )

3. Chris - 15 September 2008

Yes you do know me, I was the person who spoke to you before the Religion and Roleplaying seminar at Continuum. Then there was that village in the midlands.

4. Dr Moose - 15 September 2008

So many Chrises, so little memory! 🙂 (But don’t use the petrol station, allegedly!!)

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