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August’s Antics 28 August 2008

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Uncategorized.

Despite my best intentions the blog has still been moribund of late – but then again, it has been the holiday season. And, once again, I’ve had the phenomenon of a highly broken August. In the ideal world I should just take a huge swathe off, even if it would take nearly all my annual leave at once, in practice that isn’t necessarily an option.

This year I spent the first weekend of August in Leicester at my biennial RPG convention, then back for a few days in a generally shattered condition, which did not endear me to GLW, LM and LMP – especially as that was the week we were stressed-out running the holiday club. Thence 3 nights under canvas on the Isle of Wight in a rather hastily-organised family holiday (in the only slot we could find, after earlier in the year we’d said we could do without). Then a few more days work, coupled with a visit from LM’s godparents, before ferrying GLW, LM and LMP to Granny and Grandpa’s house while I returned before heading off for another tented adventure, Greenbelt. Swiftly followed by a trip from Cheltenham back to collect the family from the wilds of North Yorkshire and then back into harness for an unusually busy day (today) and preparation for two-thirds of this year’s weddings and a regular Sunday service.

So, watch this space and I’ll try to put in some more details and even some half-reasonable reflections on August’s Antics – and if not here, because I’ half-thinking of a change of name/blog host, then I’ll let you know where….



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