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The Sweetest Mystery* 18 May 2008

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Life, Poetry.

So, Trinity Sunday – and the first blog entry for… too long. And rather like the day, indeed the phenomenon itself, I have no excuse to offer other than experience. The early church sought to interpret their experiences, and doing so ‘invented’ the Trinity, needing to find a word to express an as-yet un-named truth.

In a similar manner the word “busy-ness” must describe my recent dearth of postings. Not specifically too much “work” nor a lack of opportunity, but instead the lack of energy, inspiration and motivation, all of whom are fellow-travellers with that strange beast known as Real Life.

After all, there are plenty of good things to report such as the instigation of services in (near enough) the same language as the rest of the world two Sundays a month. Or the providential appearance of a young Orthodox priest on the staff of EMUT university and a willingness, nay a desire, to be involved in Chaplaincy. There are birthdays to report, a sixth, and a ‘significant’ one, beginning in a number greater than 3 and less than 5 and ending in a zero. Then there’s the re-engagement of the creative brain with the community that is Eshraval, or the new PCC, or… you get the picture.

However, in the mean time, I offer this, another of David’s poetic takes on life and the life of faith:

Nothing happened today
He was not born, nor led out to die.
He did not rise nor ascend on high.
He sent no Spirit upon the Way.
Today he is.
His eternity, not his event, we celebrate.
Awesome to behold and contemplate,
The God who is.

No words can describe his measure,
No metaphor fully explore
The majesty we rightly adore
And earthily treasure.

Holy three times and more,
Disclosed to us, withheld from us,
Letting us glimpse, saving more for us,
Deeper knowledge yet in store.

How can we encapsulate in a sum
The one who cannot be described,
Yet who himself has fleshed and scribed,
Who was and is and is to come?

(C) David Grieve

*bonus points will be awarded for giving me the name of the writer of the chorus of the same name!



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