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Signs of the Times 15 March 2008

Posted by Dr Moose in Church, Life, Ponderings.

At some time in the distant past I wrote, either in the old blog or even in my journals, something about those A4 posters that used to appear about this time each year, printed in red on white, with a picture of the crucified Christ, if I remember correctly, saying “This is Holy Week.” (Ring any bells?) Even then I wondered if many people actually understood them.

So when I had an envelope appear through my letter box this morning, A4 sized, from my Church Secretary, I wondered if the same thing had struck here.

What could it be? What was it that I was being asked to encourage people to put in their wondows? Posters to advertise the forthcoming car boot sale, the greatest source of income for our little, and still lead-challenged, parish. How times change!

I might not be very keen on the practise, but I’ve yet to deliver on a suitable alternative…

(Then again: it’s interesting how many people have said to GLW that they thought the church was not in use any more. I wonder what the criteria are for that impression? Could it be that they only see the words “Services by arrangement” relating as it does to Evening Services on the noticeboard -I think that’s what they say – while writing down the Vicar’s telephone number? )

Hmm. Something else to ponder.



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