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Word and Play 6 February 2008

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Poetry.

It’s one thing to know that you’ve not blogged awhile, but another to do so.

However my lack of words has been more than matched by a torrent of poetry from my friend David. And so without further ado, another one of his.

Word and Play

If there is
the slightest chance
of getting some play
out of a word,
I will.

For play is exhilarating.
I’m ex-hill.
Over the top.
At any rate,
I love the freedom of the plain.

puns happen
when I’m creative,
with the wind behind me.

It can be a bit of a blow to others
when I wind them up.
They’ve been known to say
how peaceful it used to be.

Whether or not the wind changes,
they must brace themselves
for a pair of puns
at a moment’s notice.

My word,
it is inherently clear
that I got this bug from my parents.
To keep generating like this,
and producing a battery of puns
takes training.

So, prepare for the worst.
A nice flow will continue.
You have my word for it.

(C) David Grieve 2008

And with that I must turn to an act of Lenten penance, in folding and stapling the service orders for Ash Wednesday – as if failing to create my own ash and being forced to ask for help (a thing I intensely dislike) were not enough!



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