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Happy New Year. What do you mean, I’m late? 24 January 2008

Posted by Dr Moose in Church, Humour, Life, Ponderings.

Ok, so it’s been too long, but nevertheless here’s wishes for a happy new year to all readers.

I hadn’t realised it had been over a month, but there you are. Somehow I don’t think you’ll get a blow-by-blow account of all the doings, although for my memory’s sake as much as anything else, I will say this: “Treat Midnight Service at Christmas as if it’s a Sunday Service and try to rota people to do things. And remember to say thank you for all the things people do do without asking for recognition, and without whom things get rather hairy.” You know who you are!

Long time back someone, I think it was Maggi, commented about how good a habit it was to write something daily if you aspired to be a writer, and that blogs were a good medium for that. And it’s true. But they aren’t the only medium, and since I got enticed into being an administrator for the Eshraval game I occasionally mention, a lot of my spare time has been focussed there. I was on the brink of quitting it entirely just before Christmas, and just before I could sound someone out about it all everything changed. In the week after Christmas serious creativity returned too, which is good news…. even if it does feel like it’s waning again in the face of work pressures. (It really is very difficult to do two half jobs without feeling compelled to turn them into two-thirds jobs. It involves learning to stubbornly say “no”, ring-fencing your time, being prepared to disappoint people – especially yourself, and accepting your limits.)

Those who know me by now will realise that it’s at about this point in the post that I finally get around to what I was going to type, and while I’ve had a good set of questions from a regular reader over Facebook which I may, or may not answer here (see, I’m not ignoring you), all I really wanted to comment on was this…

It’s funny how language works, or is interpreted. For example I saw a van a few days ago identifying itself as belonging to the “Reverse Logistics Division.” Now I know, I think, what “logistics” are. But “reverse logistics”?

Is that something about sending the wrong parcel to the wrong person in the wrong place and at the wrong time?




1. Christine - 25 January 2008

It’s true…in the real world, two halves rarely add up to only one whole. Especially when creativity strikes and you put extra time and energy in to forge something new. God bless you for it though, and may His strength be with you as you juggle all the tasks at hand.

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