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Comparison Shopping 5 December 2007

Posted by Dr Moose in Life, Recommendations.

It probably says more about me than I’d like to admit, but I took some time this morning (on my day off) to do a little comparison shopping, both getting an idea of prices and engaging in some real spending. And I really rather enjoyed it. Sad, or what?

I’m still in a state of mild shock after a visit to a retail park for some computer gubbins.

I was after decent scanner/copier, a LAN card and a long Ethernet cable (10-15m). I couldn’t do a price comparison for the Gigabit LAN card, but the others are rather telling.

Samsung SCX4200 scanner, mono laser copier/printer*:
PC World: £129.98
Staples: £109.99

Belkin 15m CAT6 cable:
PC World: at least £39.99 (labeling somewhat unclear)
Staples: £27.99

£32 difference for 10 minutes research! I can’t really understand why there should be such a difference, other than one shop, which busily and loudly touts itself as the place to go for all things computer-related is busy ripping off consumers on peripherals. I didn’t do it this time but Maplin seem consistently on the cheaper side too, as long as you know what you’re looking for, and maybe that’s the key phrase here.

A salutary reminder of the value of just taking a little time. (Perhaps I should go and find a nice book/DVD/RPG…?)

* why this? Firstly I had to leave behind my SCX4100 at my last job – a similar machine that had come as a freebie with a Colour Laser copier. Secondly because I’ve already got a perfectly decent, if venerable colour inkjet (HP845c). I’m not sure I’d organise it this way if I were starting from scratch, but I’m not.



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