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And another thing they don’t tell you…. 1 December 2007

Posted by Dr Moose in Church, Humour, Life.

Two more illustrations today about the dangers of presumption. Not a grumble, merely the reflections of a green vicar… to remind me and to help any others!

Firstly on a visit to church to do some last minute Advent preparation the comment along the lines of “you do know about so-and-so who broke her hip a few weeks ago?”

Well, no actually. The vicar is, as usual, the last person to know. This is the story of my life, it is nothing new, since on many occasions in several churches and universities I’ve been faced with a question about why I wasn’t at such-and-such’s party, leaving me blank-faced and saying “what party?” The only recommendation I can make is to behave as we do do in the Prayer of Humble Access, “we do not presume…” I’d rather have 5 phone calls repeating the information than not know.

Then a chance conversation had by GLW in the florist’s while she was picking up some oasis for the Advent wreath the children will be making. “A (former vicar) always orders a Christmas tree for church from me. If you want one this year get your husband to call me today…”

Now, I have to confess, I had never asked about Christmas trees. My curacy ended awhile ago, and was followed by the events in ME19, so any memories from there are a little hazy, and, after all, a group has already volunteered to decorate the church for Christmas “as usual” and muggins here had not thought to ask quite what that might normally entail. To be honest I’m such a Puritan at times that a lack of Christmas tree in church would probably pass un-noticed. I just hope we don’t end up with two!

Perhaps all this is why other clergy friends are already getting sick of Christmas, even before Advent has started. Perhaps they actually know what to do!

Oh well, at least I’ve got the carols chosen for our Carols on Campus on Dec 11th, even if I will only have half an hour to get clear from a funeral that’s just come in…



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