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A sad reflection? 25 November 2007

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Life.

No, I’m not particularly upset (although some might say I was a sad individual!) In fact I wonder if a reflection can have any emotions after all, since it is virtual. But that’s not the point either.

I was just idling away the time reading something on the BBC web-site, to wit, some information trailing the new BBC series “The Blair Years” which starts tonight (2215 GMT). Information about how the former PMs faith influenced his politics.

What prompted my musings was the following quote:

The public might have been less willing to give him the triumph of three consecutive general election victories if they’d known the extent to which ethical values would overshadow pragmatism,” Sir Menzies said.

Now, I’m very aware that I can be cynical. But I find it a very sad reflection on the state of our collective identity, and “health” as a nation, if Ming is right. Then again, the prevailing post-modern mantra that ‘if it works for you then it’s right’ is surely, if nothing else, a triumph of pragmatism over conviction. A bit like those who pinch lead off church roofs in pursuit of fast money. Most of my congregation can’t really get their heads around the phenomenon, so it must be a generational thing. I expect nothing less, they find it hard to conceive that anyone would do such a thing. Another away win for pragmatism…



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