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Wrestling 29 October 2007

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Life, Procrastination.

I don’t think it’s because I still haven’t got used to the change of day off, but today is proving rather hard. In fact I think there are two much more obvious reasons.

The first is the curious practice (in my experience) for LM’s school to have an INSET day today. For all I know it might well make a lot of sense on the ground. Since the idea of punctuality, or even attendance, down there seems a slightly alien concept to some families, it might well be a case of making the most of a bad job. After all when HM Inspectors judge attendance figures why not cut you cloth to suit? Why have another bad day’s figures when you can turn it to your advantage?

It might be good for the school (and LM seems to be enjoying herself) but it’s not quite such good news when you work from home. Instead of the sounds of family and one toddler I have instead the sounds of family, one toddler and the addition of a (rather loud, exuberant and stroppy) school-daughter. I can barely contain my enthusiasm…

On top of that, although I feel I’m beginning to get into the swing of things parochial, I have two sets of sermons to prepare this week. The invitation to preach in the neighbouring parish in the middle of the week makes a lot of sense, as St Z’s has good links in place, and I’m all in favour of sharing where possible. The only downside is that All Souls isn’t really my cup of tea. As is so often the case the Lectionary readings are intended to bring comfort to the faithful, laced with challenge too; an issue multiplied by the perennial problem of the Church of England being “everyone’s church” (whether they like it or not!)

This makes at least one of the readings uncomfortable, full as it is of the assurances of salvation and new birth as well as the readers rejoicing in their sufferings. Er.. yes. Right. Exactly. A perfect text for the recently bereaved parishioners. It’s all an uncomfortable reminder that much scripture pre-supposes a given degree of faith among those it addresses – unless it’s the judgements of doom from a certain constituency of a prophetic persuasion!

Time to be reminded about the wonderful definition of “priest” in the witty “Church-English Dictionary” – someone who gives God ten out of ten and humanity the benefit of the doubt.

If Jesus can do that for us, then I must, of course, do that for him. Just sometimes, well, it’s a bit of a stretch, trying to pull the punches which are already there in the text…

Enough. Back to the task in hand, and maybe a cup of tea!



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