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Lead Astray 9 October 2007

Posted by Dr Moose in Church, Life.

Given the recent epidemic in which enterprising individuals have taken it upon themselves to emulate Henry VIII and “mine” ecclesiastical buildings for their valuable base metals, I was unsurprised to be informed that St. Z‘s had received their attentions in the last few months.

I knew that the you could see daylight through the roof of the South Porch, but since it isn’t used didn’t think it was much of a problem at this juncture. I’d also been told that the situation elsewhere was in hand.

Guess what?

It rained this morning.

It rained a lot this morning.

I discovered not just that the roof of the South Aisle missed lead, but that I’d been mislead too.

You can guess what’s coming, can’t you?

I had presumed in my naivety that someone had at least laid some temporary sheeting! What a silly Priest-in-Charge I am! Instead Morning Prayer (for one) was conducted accompanied by the sound of many waters….

Laugh? I nearly (got) wet myself!



1. Christine L - 10 October 2007

Oh, my goodness!
Poor Dr. Moose!
Every new job comes with it’s suprises, but that’s a big one.

How could that have gone un-repaired in soggy ol’ England….

Hope you can sort things out in short order….

2. Anonymoose - 10 October 2007

Mercifully it shouldn’t be my job. That’s what I have churchwardens for! I will have to chase W and S with my proverbial big stick!

3. Kathryn - 13 October 2007

Something else to consider…oh my goodness, this job search business gets more and more complex every day!
Do hope you have now dried out at least

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