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Monday Musings 8 October 2007

Posted by Dr Moose in Humour, Life.

It’s one of those days.

You know, when the sermon that you know you wrote some years back for this Sunday’s readings can’t be found on your computer.

When someone asks to be your friend on Facebook, and although you know the mutual friend, and a lot of their friends besides, you can’t quite work out who it is, because teenagers look so different when you’ve not seen them for 4 years.

So I ambled down to look around my new Vestry. It’s like a time-warp in there! Minute books from 30 years ago agreeing to the purchase of “Sound of Living Waters” while at the same time asking for the re-instatement of Matins because it disappeared after the last inter-regnum. Little booklets of Series 2 Evening Prayer. Sheet music that looks positively Antediluvian (before the flood, for non-Latin scholars!). A cupboard full of ASBs, which I suspect everyone’s forgotten about. (And that’s not mentioning the 2 manual electronic organ, the random pieces of masonry, service registers for the last 30 years and the stubs of a book of Marriage Certificates with no entries)!

Which means that the headline in the Diocesan email I just received was all the more amusing:
Sponsored BCP Palm Reading. Saturday 27th October from 2pm. St P’s Church, …

Well, it’s one approach to getting into the Mind, Body and Spirit Fair, I suppose. I’ll have to recommend it Steve Hollingshurst!



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