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New address: Yes, Internet: No. 21 September 2007

Posted by Dr Moose in Uncategorized.

What it says really. We’ve been here in Northampton for well over a week and courtesy of BT an Tiscali I still have no broadband, and it’s driving me absolutely crazy! I don’t know how much time I’m going to have to be able to sneak into Internet cafes, and I don’t have a university ID yet.

Stll, we’re alive. Lucy’s at school, and settling with plenty of tears and uncertainty. Becky has just about adapted to her new room and there is stuff everywhere, still needing to be found a home.

Licensing Sunday, and my broadband should return by 26th, allegedly!

Will write more when I can… as well as having to find a new name for this blog!




1. John - 21 September 2007

Glad to hear you’re settling in. Somewhat! Hope it all goes well.

pax et bonum

2. Kathryn - 21 September 2007

aaargh – the very same magic combination dogged our early days here…I rather think it took a month before we were fully connected to the net…so I sympathise madly.
But lots of prayers and blessings for the new chapter in your ministry, broadband dramas notwithstanding

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