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Not The Good News, but good news 15 August 2007

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Life.

At last! I can now officially tell the world (or that tiny portion of it which reads my scribblings!) that which was the worst-kept secret in MLPK – to wit, I HAVE A NEW JOB! 🙂

In early September the herd of Moose will be striking northwards to sojourn once more in the East Midlands, in Northampton to be precise, which may or may not be a city, depending upon who you ask!

On September 23rd I’ll be licensed as Priest-in-Charge of St. Mary’s, Dallington and Chaplain in the University of Northampton, two half-time posts which I will try to ensure don’t both become more than that!

Dallington looks like a typical East Midlands village, especially if you look at it’s heart – the honeyed-stone church opposite the pub, the Old Schools serving as the Church Hall, the almshouses etc… until you notice it’s been swallowed up by Northampton – in the form of a couple of council estates! New readers may correct me if I’m wrong, but there appear to be no real links between the congregation and the denizens of the estates. Welcome to the Church of England! It’s been rather left to wind down over the past decade or more, so while it remains a big challenge, it’s going to need a slow pace and a loving hand.

Having said all that, the University (the second in Northampton!) is typical of the latest batch of universities, an HE college that has grown up. My ministry there will be a gift from the diocese (of Peterborough) and will involve working alongside a group of other lay and ordained, Christian and non-Christian colleagues. There’s a Multi Faith Chaplaincy Centre, but no regular Christian worship, yet! I get the feeling that the paces of the two places could be refreshingly different. Dallington isn’t close enough to be a student parish, and St Mary’s certainly isn’t a student church (Common Worship Traitional Language – pray for me!)

We’re now in the process of arranging a move while the Vicarage is being spruced up ready for us. So it’s busy, busy, busy!

And there’s another thing. I’ll have to rename the blog. I have an idea I might followup, but not a re-hash of this. NN5seven doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it?



1. Kathryn - 18 August 2007

I’m so glad for you…Will buy you a pint at GB to celebrate, if you’re going to be there.
We’re just, as it happens, back from somewhere near Northampton, as the narrow boat lives at Bugbrooke on the Grand Union Canal…and will be there for a while to come, till we know where I’m going to be next.
Anyway, excellent news…phew!

2. JohnP - 21 August 2007

Excellent! Finally got round to catching up on blog reading after holidays, so it was really good to hear the news.

pax et bonum

3. Newt - 21 August 2007

Congratulations dear Moose Sir!

4. andy gr - 28 August 2007


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