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Saturday Sermon-Block 23 June 2007

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Life, Prevarication, Role-Playing Games.

The title says it all really. I have a talk for Tea Time Worship, but that’s usually a little less difficult since I tend to use only the one text. Sunday mornings are, however, a different matter. Since I see scripture as important we tend to use the three readings (although not, in common with much Anglicanism to my experience, the psalm… but that’s a separate point).

It’s not that the readings are incompatible, far from it (even if sometimes at this time of the year the Semi-Continuous sequence reading sometimes seems to fit better with the theme than the Related one). It could be something about the nature of the setup here, where the afternoon is the main service, but both the same set of readings is used through the day. Now that I think of it one reason for that has now passed… but never mind. It’s more likely to be something about dynamics (and if I’ve written all this before I apologise now). It’s very different, and difficult, to preach to a congregation that can be counted in single figures. It might sound strange, but I think I know them too well. Of course, possibly I should stop worrying about upsetting people, but with that few you really can’t afford to do it! In a bigger congregation somehow it’s easier to be challenging or provocative – there is statistically a good chance that something might hit home. But with a small congregation you can almost be sure of hitting the target should you so choose a target. Maybe that’s better left for a different setting (although we have no different settings).

On my bad days I just feel like I’m giving people what they want to hear (which isn’t always what they need to hear, of course).

All this is hiding the point: I have all sorts of material for the morning, in one great big formless blob. I’ve had ample time for preparation, but I’m lacking something. That holy cornflour, the divine baking powder, simply isn’t there.

Which is why it’s easier to write about just about anything else. Like my discovery of Faithspace and the presence of a certain Longsuffering Clockmaker (let the reader understand!) or my renewed intrest in Role-Playing Games following my recent trip to London and the final publication of Caratan in Tradetalk 15. I’m finally a published author! (Admittedly in this case virtue is it’s own reward and my “pay” is a free copy of the magazine, but there is something tremendous about seeing your own stuff in (somebody else’s) print.)

I could even point to the Annual Area Church Meeting on Friday a week back and deconstruct at length the significance of those who attended and those who didn’t (a straightforward, age-based divide), of the fact that our back door seems as wide as our welcoming arms, or our/my inability to translate good relations into life-changing faith encounters (and yes I know, that’s God’s job, but you know what I mean!)

And then there’s the spotting of a Lesser Snark and the opportunity it entails. So the paperwork is in and thoughts and prayers are bending towards Grandparental Midlands City and a good-looking post, mixing challenge and comfort, familiarity and possibility. We still might make the Great Escape from MLPK yet, and maybe in time for the new school year. Prayers would, of course, be appreciated.

But while I can witter for England I have things to do. I need to dig out the Journals for amusing anecdotes about Alex over at Faithspace, not to mention resisting the lure of my new presence on Facebook (as well as finding a better picture). Then there’s not doing the lawns and hedges, not spending money I haven’t got… and making another coffee. Heaven forbid, I might have to try that sermon again….



1. Kathryn - 23 June 2007

No sermon this week, but I’m STILL procrastinating (this time doing reflection on the spir dir course).
I hope Faith Space works well for you.
LCM spends most of his life there (as the number of his postings might testify)…and seems to be enjoying it…but as we are pastmasters at the art of non communication, I can’t say for sure!
More importantly…prayers, of course, that the snark that has flashed across your horizon may be just the one for you.

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