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A Parable for Pentecost 25 May 2007

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Prevarication.

In trying to prepare a sermon for Sunday morning I’ve been through my old ones. I discovered this from last year. If anyone wishes to use it, feel free.

There were once three men who lived in a hot, barren and rocky land. One day each of them noticed that a spring had appeared on his land, and the waters were making a lovely pool. It was cool and refreshing. Each man gave thanks to God and wondered what he should do with the pool and the water.

The first man said, “I know. I’ll use it to swim in. I will float in it. Splash in it. Luxuriate in it.” And so he did. He even invited his friends to join him in enjoying it. But outside his neighbours continued to suffer in the heat, dust and barrenness.

The second man thought differently. “I know,” he said, ”I will channel it and help it to flow through my land. I will make little waterfalls and pools, so I can relax at the end of each hard day’s work to the sound, and I will drink the fresh water.” And so he did. But outside his neighbours continued to suffer in the heat, dust and barrenness.

The third man said, “I know. There’s enough here for everyone. I will invite my neighbours to come and use the water. Together we can drink it, swim in it, listen to its sounds and use it to water our lands and crops.” And so he did. And his neighbours became his friends and the land became green and fruitful and they all gave glory to God.

Let those have ears to hear, hear.



1. Kathryn - 25 May 2007

I borrowed it last year, and it went down so well in the rather anxious, just lost their incumbent, neighbouring parish where I was presiding. Thanks 🙂 (hope I said that at the time too)

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