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Snarks… or Boojums? 19 April 2007

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Life.

So, the Snark hunting continues. Although there has been a variation of late. I’ve already said, and it remains true, that I’d like to move onto a University/Higher Education Chaplaincy post at some point, but that is easier said than done. There are universities and universities. With 60 expressions of interest and 25+ applicants SW15 showed how popular church college Chaplaincies are. Then there was the North Wales vacancy, which just didn’t feel right. This week I took an overnight trip to the University on the South Coast I agonised about for interview – and I think I rather talked myself out of contention. On the one hand I’m disappointed: pastorally it looked very good, but in terms of Management and Isolation I could have found it a struggle. Was I too honest? Can there be such a thing as too honest in the appointment of clergy? A point to ponder. And as for the Traditional Oxbridge College… I really can’t see myself in that.

Snarks. There aren’t many of them. But Boojums – well that’s a different species – translated as Team Vicar or Associate posts. Weed out the Woozles (them in the wilderness) and there’s still more Boojums than Snarks around. Which leads to the latest conundrum – a touch of London Bus Syndrome.

Today, ruminating on the day after my “significant birthday minus one”, I discovered (to my delight) that yesterday’s post, which had lain hidden under a pile of junk magazines and newspapers, contained an invitation to interview in Small Midlands City – a two-stage “familiarisation visit” and “interview-proper.” It’s a method which makes a lot of sense. So that was good – a positive start to the day.

Then, lo and behold, the phone rings and it’s Neighbouring Archdeacon inviting me to Nice Team Vicar Job Just Down The Road. An embarrasment of riches – and with a one day interview, you guessed it… on the Saturday in the middle of the two for Small Midlands City!

So, GLW, LMP and I will visit SMC, probably discover that it feels perfect, even down to the house, only to lead to NTVJJDTR (with rather small house) being offered and left with a difficult decision and no clear divine guidance.

All it needs is Noel Edmonds to step into the room, “Deal… or No Deal?” To take a good offer, or hold out for the other!

Just you wait! I don’t possess the gift of prophecy – but I do have some idea of God’s sense of humour! (The same one that means North Midlands Team Vicar, which is highly appealing, has interviews on the day I have 2 weddings…)


}:) (<- a moose)



1. JohnP - 20 April 2007

It all sounds like it’s getting a bit exciting! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

pax et bonum

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