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Proof-reading 8 April 2007

Posted by Dr Moose in Faith, Ponderings.

If David Blaine wanted to prove his divinity by being tortured, killed, buried and brought back to life three days later he’d want to do it in Trafalgar Square with 24 hour broadcast coverage and sponsored for a good cause.

Not to mention, of course, the presence of a skilled executioner, a panel of medical experts and specialists from the funeral industry.

Yet, in a well-planned manoever by night, instead the Officer in Charge is seized by the Anti-Revolutionary Guards, hauled before a kangaroo court and executed along with the scum of the earth.

No dictated confessions or maps of where the boundary between Gethsemene and the rest should lie. But a death, slow and painful with the acknowledgement of a multi-lingual statement of his divinty.

Then to a cold hard grave, loaned in retrospect rather than donated. Silence as the crucified engages in the ultimate rescue mission, to storm the very gates of hell.

Yet on the third day in a surprise move the Creator springs him from captivity, and releases him to an unexpecting world in a new, perfect (birthday) suit.

And even then, in contravention of all expectations, the ex-detainee gives no news conference; no six-figure sums for interviews with Mother and the Son of God.

Biographies are left for later, while all he displays for dis-believing world are the prints of peace.


Happy Easter!



1. Helen Louise - 8 April 2007

Ah, Dr. Moose, thou art truly a genius 🙂 I love when fake Messiahs come along and then completely ruin the charade by charging people huge amounts of money for healing or generally being rubbish in some other way.

Thanks for your recent comment btw. 🙂

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