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Excited? But yes! 26 September 2006

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Strange is it may seem, I don’t often get very excited – especially not about church and things of faith. You might thank that’s a bit worrying for a vicar, but that’s me. I can enthuse about computers and role-playing games at the drop of a hat. I can enthuse about the work in MLPK when I’m somewhere else, like Greenbelt. But I’m not so good here at home. Worry? Yes. Despair? Yes, sometimes. Enthuse? Nah!

Which is why I just had to blog this. After a stunningly short period of (visible) preparation the 1st Kings Hill Girls’ Brigade Company started barely three weeks ago. I’ll have to check whether I’ve already blogged this (but this is blogger, not typepad, so I don’t have convenient categories to search through!)

On Sunday we will have our first Tea Time Worship and Parade service, themed not surprisingly around Harvest. The service order is already very nearly complete. (By 10.05 Tuesday – this must be a record!)

What I’m so excited about (and remember when it comes to church I don’t “do” excitement) is that based on written response, we will have 22 adults and 32 children coming, all related to Girl’s Brigade! That’s in addition to the regular, modest congregation! OK, we might not get them all, because real life is like that, but even so… I think we might have to hire the larger hall instead.

Now you know why I’m excited! I think I will have to a visit a few of those we’ve lost regular contact with, and see if we can get them along too. Pray for us, and the volunteers covering the catering.

Oh, and if you actually live in the ME19 4 postcode sector (Kings Hill) then why not come and join us? Tea Time Worship and Parade for Harvest, Kings Hill Community Hall at 4.30pm.

(Excuse me, I now have to bounce off the do some more work! I might even find myself spontaneously smiling!)



1. John - 26 September 2006

That’s great news! Hope it goes well.

pax et bonum

2. Kathryn - 30 September 2006

Excellent! Prayers for a happy harvest, with lots of enthusiastic worshippers (and maybe a smiley dr moose?!)

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