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Impressions 31 August 2006

Posted by Dr Moose in Uncategorized.

Another one of David’s Poems, while I try to motivate myself for the work of the day, not to mention thinking of another blog post…


The wood pigeon,
drawn by daylight showing through,
flew forcefully, fiercely, frantically
into the window pane

leaving behind it no broken body
lifeless on the ground below
but its ghostly image on the glass

an image of itself
mirrored in a snapshot of its liveliness,
its wingspan, head, beak and chest
clearly visible, as if some long left over
Christmas time stencil,
as my friend thought mistakenly.

And again, in the next room,
another ghostly image of etched agony,
another of the same striking species.

If I, through a window mistily,
were in more things to see God’s outline
and more, his stretched out body
spent for love such as his,

would his impression within me
etch outwardly into clarity?
Would that it would.
poem # 29/2006

(C) David Grieve 2006

“Poems come out of wonder, not out of knowing.”

Lucille Clifton



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