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Correspondence from Greenbelt 28 August 2006

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Well, this post is living proof that I am, if not an addict, then at least in some degree dependent upon the Internet! I’ve been on site here since Friday lunchtime and I have finally cracked. From the window just above the monitor here I can see the big top housing the Performance Cafe, most of the marquees in the centre of Cheltenham Rececourse, (including the Organic Beer Tent, which may well be my bext destination!!) and a portion of the tented township that is GB06. The sun has set and the light is fading. I’ve had a good time, but I’m ready to go home, although I won’t be leaving until tomorrow morning – a four hour drive would not be sensible now.

Reflections on GB: It’s been a good one, even if the weather has been less than perfect. Some years I am very busy, squeezing in seminars left, right and centre. Not this year. Instead I’ve been slobbing, all the while being a little worried about GLW, since my mobile phone is on the blink.

On Friday night I was priveleged to see Martyn Joseph live on GB’s new mainstage, while catching up with some old friends (including LMP’s godparents). I was luck to see Martyn again this afternoon, with the poet Stewart Henderson in the wonderful “Centaur” venue (an indoor conference hall rated for 3000 occupants!) And very good it was too. In fact “Centaur” has been ‘my’ venue this weekend, seeing a fantastic Jazz set from Courtney Pine on Saturday, and a much-needed (for this slightly world-weary vicar) from Randy Stonehill, an embodiment of the best (and profoundly simple) Christian Contemporary Music from the 70s and 80s.

Otherwise I’ve caught up with Steve Croft (of the Emmaus Course and Fresh Expressions), as he was speaking of the latter (after all Tea Time Worship in MLPK is one of the latter, even if a rather un-radical/conventional one). He has also written a piece of fiction, which has become Darton Longman and Todd’s first fiction publication – and judging from the extracts he read today “The Advent Calendar” (aimed at older children but entirely accessible to adults) is nothing less than superb. Buy it and read it. You heard it here first. GLW will love it!

Possibly the line which best describes Greenbelt though has to be that I coined after Maria McKie’s performance on Friday night. I happened to comment to an old acquaintance in a late night que that it was “a disturbing mixture of intimacy and quirkiness.” It was too – but AL then pointed out that the phrase could equally apply to the facilities we were queuing for at that time – the Portaloos!

And with that, and three minutes of my time remaining I must call it a night….

“It’s a night!”

Good night, Greenbelt. Good night, good readers, wherever you are….



1. Matt Page - 29 August 2006

Just reading up on everyone else’s experiences at Greenbelt this year, I don’t think I went to any of the things you went to (in fact I never even darkened the door of Centaur), but had a great time nevertheless.

Thanks for your post


2. Helen Louise - 30 August 2006

Hmm, it seems everyone was at Greenbelt πŸ™‚ Don’t suppose you made it to Visions, or came along to the Folk Club? πŸ™‚

3. Dr Moose - 30 August 2006

Matt – given the sheer scale of Greenbelt it’s a miracle I bump into anybody I know at all, in any place, part or at any time – but I always do! Just hope you had as good a time as I did.

Helen Lousie – sorry to have missed you, it would have been good to meet in reality, not via virtual text! (Makes note to self: free up 6 hourse to read HL’s blog again!) I considered both those options, but didn’t make it.

I must write something soon on the function of the Organic Beer tent at GB… I seemed to spend quite a lot of time there. πŸ™‚

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