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Spirit of the Age? 24 March 2006

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(Category: Faith)

The older I get, and the longer I am collared, the more I realise the deep, native, naive spirituality that exists in this country. Such folk spirituality is definitely not Christian, but instead occupies a position of vague theism.

Thus, in the crises of life, prayers are offered, churches visited, “holy men” summoned (sorry about the non-inclusive terminology, ladies – should I add “wise women?”), and yet in the midst are also the blanket, “self-evident” universalisms, that all people go to heaven, apart from the “obvious” ones, who don’t, and yet who are also in permanent earshot of those who remain behind. This leads to difficult pastoral situations where the grace of God is sorely needed. I might well be inclined to agree that A and B are now “together”, yet also be forced to remain stumm with regards to the issue of quite “where” there may be together…

How can I, how can we, exploit these gateways of “crisis theism” and “naive spirituality” and help others find the truth of the Jesus who waits therein, ready to show a way to deeper, Christian, faith?



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