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Tragic Times: A prayer request 22 March 2006

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(Category: life, faith)

A simple prayer request.

You may remember just before Christmas I did the funeral of J, a young man killed in a Road Accident. I may or may not have mentioned that home circumstances were somewhat difficult – but not atypical of our times. Well, I heard a couple of days ago that J’s mother has also died and I have now been asked to do the funeral too.

Dealing with one tragedy is hard.

But two from the same family in the period of three months… that’s a different league.

Pray for the friends and relatives. Pray for me. The dawn of Easter is approaching, but the night before the rising sun is very dark indeed. Kyrie eleison.



1. Kathryn - 24 March 2006

Tried to tell you yesterday that I was and am praying…but blogger would not accept comments at the time.
However, it makes it even more apposite to remind you of Tony Campolo
“It’s Friday now….but Sunday’s a-coming”
Blessings and the grace you need for this situation, Stuart.

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