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Blessing Audit – Bonus Bundle 22 March 2006

Posted by Dr Moose in Uncategorized.

Astute readers will have noticed a distinct lack of challenge in the past few days.

So, here in one bargain bundle we have…

For every £1 poor countires receive in grant aid, they pay more than £2 to the rich world in debt repayments.
Give 10p for every loan you have and 20p for every bank account.

(£1.20 plus 20p if credit cards are counted as loans.)

Freedom of Religion
In many countries people do not have the freedom to practise their chosen religion.
Give 50p if you have been to church this month [presumably you could change that to Mosque, Gudwara, Synagogue, Temple, etc.]

(I’m just glad that one’s a flat fee…)

In Cambodia more than 90% of people use traditional fuel such as wood, charcoal and animal dung.
Give 5p for every plug socket in your house.

(Ouch! That one hurt. 62 sockets, that’s £3.10! The only word for that is profligate! Admittedly they are not all in use, but there are quite a lot of 4 or 5 gang extension boards on the ones that are!)

Chained Trade
According to the UN, rigged trade rules cost poor countries US$700 billion every year.
Give 20p for every shop you visit today.



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