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Future Church 17 March 2006

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No, not a book (Eddie Gibbs and David Coffey IIRC – which I found profoundly depressing when I tried to read it a few years back), but something more concrete.

Some of my readers may remember that one thing MLPK does not have is a dedicated church building. To say we are nomadic might be a little grandiose (pub in the mornings, hall in the afternoons, school hall when the hall is generating a far greater revenue than when we hire it).

Many thoughts have been a-buzzing round my brain. Should we have a building? Could we get the Control Tower? Where on earth would we get the money? They are answered respectively by “Yes”, “Unlikely” and “God only knows!” So today having a chance to meet with B, my retired architect was a useful experience.

B has been quite a fan of the Control Tower idea, while I’ve blown hot and cold about it. The idea has merits: a distinctive building with links to the past of the site. An existing building that the developers are having trouble developing (and who wants another restaurant, especially with a late licence for music until 3am? Not the council, thank God!)

Of course, the fact that it is an existing building has negative connotations. Grade 2 listing. Semi-derelict. Details of existing construction. Lack of flexibility.

Anyway today the prospect of the Tower took a step backwards, not that we have much chance of getting it anyway, but the developers could be getting desperate. To open up enough space inside is looking likely to be far too costly (as if there were suitable openings to get the massive reinforcing beams in that would be necessary to hold the first floor up, not to mention the necessity of a lift to reach said floor).

My Boss Jesus might still pull a blinder, but the smart money has now moved to the new-build option on the site safe-guarded under Section 106 provision.

Ahh – except there is no money. And, apparently only two and a half years or so to get something on the site. Everyone outside MLPK seems to think we’re awash with the stuff – and yes, the build price would be less than the price of many houses here. But even so… I think the Building Fund currently stands at about £100!

Anyone got a spare £249,900? And don’t mention used fivers from that Securitas raid just down the road!

I reckon we need My Boss Jesus to pull a blinder again.

“Lord, I believe. Help me in my unbelief!”

(And you can tell I’m having fun with the links again, can’t you?)



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