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To pray and to do 15 February 2006

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I don’t think this an angsty bit of free therapy (which blogging can be), but you decide.

I went to meet two folks who provide me with some support yesterday – they listen, they advise, they help me focus, that sort of stuff.

As I was walking along the High Street (not in MLPK) I saw a couple of old, obviously homeless men on a bench. You know the type. And one of them, as the wind brought bitter cold through my fleece, appeared for all the world to be wearing (or wrapped in) nothing more than a duvet. This is 10am in a Kentish High Street.

And what did I do? I prayed. Even as I did so my hypocrisy hit me over the head. Me – the one who says you need to be prepared to be the answer to your own prayers.

Didn’t Jesus (let alone James) himself have a lot to say about the differences between words and actions?

Didn’t St Francis allegedly say something along the lines of “Preach the Gospel to all mankind. Use words if you have to?”

Hmm. I think i’ve just laid one more well-intentioned paving stone on my own potential road to Hell.

(OK, maybe it was an angsty bit of free therapy after all.. but you understand my point.)



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