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Spiritual Disturbance? 11 February 2006

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While LMP is just that, I do have a question of a different kind for my dear readers. Let me preface it with my usual self-description as “vaguely charismatic” (or “closet charismatic”).

You may know something about the difficulties we had when we moved in, you may not, but in the last week there have been two cases of glasswear falling off/out of the dresser, resulting in noise and damage. Nothing particularly valuable, but disturbing in their own way.

In both cases a rational explanation can be found, but in neither is it entirely convincing. Yes, the vase was pretty unstable, but there was nobody nearby to cause the dresser to wobble enough to disturb it. Similarly the bowls could have shifted, and are rather dense (being crystal) but, could they really have moved enough to doslodge the glasses?

Yes, micro-tremors are a possibiliy… although I don’t know whether you could find records anywhere…

You see what I mean?

I will willingly admit to being as “spiritually perceptive” as a breezeblock, (i.e not not very!)

Do any of my (slowly growing number of) readers, have any similar experiences in clergy houses? (For what it’s worth this has not been a “traditional” vicarage, being a private house previously, and the building is no more than 15 years old..)

And, yes, we did pray through the house, and yes we shall be doing so again…



1. Kathryn - 14 February 2006

Dunno….completely new one on me. I’d be very interested to hear how things develop, though..Trust it doesn’t feel hugely unfriendly, at least.
And carry on sleeping, minimoose 🙂

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