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Chalk and Cheese… or "no crying she makes" 4 February 2006

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(Category: life)

The house is quiet. The sleep was… adequate. The little BM (Becky Moose) sleepeth and crieth not. We are all in a state of pleasurable shock – LM screamed near constantly day and night for the first six months.

So, yes we are still tired, and gently perplexed at the way BM seems to be far more awake and hungry at night than in the day, but life is good. And every so often BM, lying there (no real choice about that, has she?) opens her eyes, just enough to look out, before returning to the Land of Nod (“which is east of Eden”. Allegedly).

Even her noises of displeasure and annoyance put you more in mind of a mewling cat. How very satisfying.

These things bode well… (and for the record, no I’m not smitten, I don’t do smitten-ness: but a quiet newling makes for a Happy Dr Moose).



1. John - 5 February 2006

Glad to hear things are going well!

pax et bonum

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