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It never rains… 5 December 2005

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This week promises to be busy in MLPK, not to mention a case of bus syndrome (the tendency of things to come in multiples), to wit:

2 school nativity productions
2 pub lunches
2 school assemblies…and

… sadly 2 funerary events. An interrment of ashes, and a tragic road accident. Spare a prayer. Spare several prayers. For the family and friends, and for me, I think. It is not going to be a easy week…

Somehow I think there will be more questions this week than answers.



1. Lorna - 5 December 2005

We used to live in London. My dad called our local bus the sausage service, there would be a whole string of them at once and then none for ages and ages!

so you comment made me laugh

I have mixed feelings about funerals. it’s sad to say goodbye but we -as ministers – should be filled with hope and joy too. Bringing the good news at a funearl is part of the territory and a good part!

2. andy gr - 5 December 2005

Thinking of you this week – as I prepare to go and talk to the widow of a 40-year-old father of 4 who committed suicide last week. There always seem to be more questions than answers…

3. Kathryn - 5 December 2005

Prayers of course…I never do answers,- and it’s really rather lovely to feel that this is OK. The family of the suicide funeral I took back in July are the most wonderful source of strength and encouragement for me, in all sorts of ways. We’ve walked such holy ground together.

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