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Divine Vision or Insane Dream? 9 November 2005

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(Category: faith)

In an excellent meeting with my support group yesterday (you know who you are – thank you) I had a blinding flash of inspiration – an idea brimming with potential, an idea which would solve a number of problems (while creating a few new challenges, admittedly), an idea that could make good news for not just me but another organisation that always likes good PR in MLPK.

The question is whether it is so blindlingly obvious because it’s stupid, or because it’s divine. (Just look at some of the prophets and ask if they were divinely inspired or just plain wacko – rhetorical question, but you know what I mean!) One of those where you just say “Nah. Not in a month of Sundays.” Unless that is, God planted it there.

And the most annoying thing? I can’t blog it in detail, just in case they are reading this blog!

If it were to come off it would be a serious bit of the miraculous. So, do I
(a) have the patience to enquire upstairs, and
(b) the courage to implement it?

If I haven’t posted more on this by Easter remind me and ask what happened – although if it comes off you’ll probably know before then – or at least, all two of you who read this will!

(Seriously excited Moose here – who really needs to stop working when he said that over an hour ago!)



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