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Rule of Life: Resumption of normal service (v) 8 November 2005

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Several score of moons ago, at college, I sorted out a rule of life with my tutor. It included such wonderful items as “go to the college bar if still working at 10 pm, you must stop”, and even the expectation of enjoying a Pub Lunch once a week in term time. (These passed into college folklore for a while as “Dr Moose’s Pastoral Pub Lunches” and they were both great fun and great conversation places). This, of course, will probably confirm people’s opinions of me as an alcoholic – but there were, of course, more serious items, about prayer space, private devotion, and even the importance of going on silent retreat once a year. 72 hours of silent retreat is long enough to allow the Bible to read you, as well as allowing you to hear yourself think and a little more of what God is trying to say…

It is time I re-examined, or rather re-wrote, my rule of life. I haven’t been on retreat since we arrived in MLPK, and resuming blogging with a regular frequency, also needs to be somewhere there too – as well as making dedicated theological/devotional reading space – otherwise my bookshelves will continue to be ornamental rather than educational.

How much of this will happen, or more likely, how much will survive the arrival of number 2, is another matter!



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