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Imagination explosion: Resumption of normal service (vi) 8 November 2005

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As I have commented elsewhere in this blog it does feel that, despite having not blogged a lot over the past few weeks, I have found a lot of space for creative writing for RPGs – and that’s not about Rocket-Propelled Grenades!

I must confess that since the excellent chance to meet other collaborators on the Gwenthia project a couple of months back I have done very little. I’m not sure how much has been a lack of inspiration and how much just the need for a change. Sorry guys, I will get back on track in the near future (like next week).

I’ve also been trying to write a piece in Glorantha for submission to the next Continuum convention book, which is shaping up rather nicely (or was until my butterfly imagination skitted elsewhere a few weeks ago). Be reassured that it stands firmly within the traditions of the Con (ie. slightly eccentric…) In the same vein I’m still awaiting the publication of my piece in Tradetalk.

The thing that has really been grabbing my creativity of late is the marvellous Traveller RPG, a vintage thing if there ever was one. I thought I’d blogged about this before, but I may not have. My latest wave of interest has been sparked off by the acquisition of a lot of the old Traveller and MegaTraveller books via eBay, and the recently released MegaTraveller canon in PDFs on CD-Rom. For those of you who recognise any of this stuff I have been re-writing the history of the Third Imperium to avoid the Solomani Rim War and instead re-integrate the Solomani Sphere into the Imperium, thus opening up another frontier for development – The Imperial Rim. This has also allowed the creation of the Office of the Rimward Develoment Agency (motto “bringing order to the Imperial Rim”)…

Such vastly time-consuming projects have also given me a chance to bug-hunt the version of the Traveller world-buiding computer program “Heaven and Earth” – the version which I possess seeming to produce too few gas giants in systems, not to mentionthen having to tweak the (random) results to make just a little more sense. I’ve also recently discovered a MegaTraveller Ship Building program (“Ships III for Windows”) which doesn’t seem to get some of the details right, at least at TL12. It has reminded me just how complicated the starship design sequences are.

Sad? Me? Nonsense, I’m a very happy little gearhead and I won’t brook a word of criticsm, perhaps..

Aren’t clergy allowed to a have a life? 🙂



1. Kathryn - 8 November 2005

another cry of aaarggghhhhh resounds from the curate’s house. Once upon a time I began to work towards a rule of life…then life got in the way…and now…yes…well…
retreats I do manage, but only cos I know i’ll go into free fall without…everything else is distinctly hit or miss. But I AM going to see my wonderful Spir Dir on Friday, so perhaps I should allow this to drop into the conversation…

2. Dr Moose - 9 November 2005

Hi Kathryn, you were up late last night, as I think this commnet belongs with a different entry!

However, when I read “Spir Dir” I read it as “Spin Dr”! Perhaps we all need them – to stop us Rev’s revolving too fast!

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