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Reporting again 2 November 2005

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(engage ramble mode) Yes, it has been a while – and I’m not totally sure why. Half-term has something to do with it, even if I can’t report on going on a holiday, instead just trying to have a quiet week. Another possibility could be an overload of potential things to comment upon, at least on other people’s blogs. (Such as parish holidays, the question of the reality and reasonableness of Hell (or otherwise), and, of course, Halloween and things that go bump in the night.)

I wonder whether today’s post is actually in response to something I picked up on an enjoyable visit to another newish church just down the road from me – and in passing, do any other dog-collareds out there get the same feeling as me that although dioceses may exist to allow the alleged better management of the church and it’s mission that they actually are more likely to hinder the same by stifling communication and unnecessary duplication?

Grove Green is a fairly typical late 1980s housing development filling in the gap between two other sub-urban blocks on the outskirts of Maidstone and is the site of church which meets in the Church school, organised as a Local Ecumenical Project. (LEPs are a cunning wheeze to try to do things ecumenically and thus build unity and share costs, at least in theory as far as I can tell!)

I went along today to see what could be learnt from an environment not too dis-similar to MLPK a few years down the road. It was nice to escape, and interesting to compare how similar our experiences are (especially the ones that the people who most cause Christians grief are… other Christians.

In the best manner shaggy-dog stories (and given the fact that this blog post was interrupted by supper) the simple point is that I was reminded, totally in passing, that I really could do with applying a bit more theological rigour, and that blogging is a first step towards that.

(The other point was the reminder that despite being rather “low” church and gently evangelical in my outlook I am, by definition as an Anglican minister uncomfortably Catholic for many Nonconformists. And that really is worth pondering…)

(end ramble mode)



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