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Easy Virtue? 4 October 2005

Posted by Dr Moose in Uncategorized.

Category: Faith

Having just done an assembly on St Francis (yes, the St Francis) and planted thoughts in young minds about the difference between wants and needs, wealth and happiness etc etc I was jolted back to reality on my way home.

Two friends of mine have recently got married, and as I drove home I passed their current home, which they have part-excanged with the developers, and the new one being built for them. I find it hard to understand why they feel the need to trade up. There are only the two of them, so why a bigger house?

The point? Who am I to comment? Yes, we lived in a three-bed semi before. It was big enough, but it came with the post. We’ve always rented before. We live in a very nice large house, which we can’t keep clean. And again it comes with the job. Add in the fact that it will be quite a long time (if ever) before we get anywhere close to being able to buy a property.

Encouraging others to a virtuous course of action, which you yourself are not in a position to able to choose, is hardly tenable. Discuss.



1. Helen Louise - 5 October 2005

Why a bigger house? One word: babies 😀 Thanks for your recent comments by the way. Does your blog name refer to your postcode? Sorry I know that’s kinda cheeky but I’m from Kent (ME2!) and was curious to see a bus headed for King’s Hill last week… I suspect it might be the same King’s Hill 🙂 I’m doing Biochemistry at York. Bit nervous this year as some results have been a bit disappointing, but my supervisor seems to have faith in me for some reason 🙂

2. Dr Moose - 5 October 2005

Hi there Helen Louise! Yes the blog name is the postcode (buried somewhere in older posts) and yes the bus would have been coming here – although Kings Hill has never had an apostrophe. It’s a corporate developer’s brainchild with a lack of proper grammar. The story is that it was known as King Hill, but this simply didn’t sound right to the developers.
As for biochemistry, well, I’m a geographer pretending to be a theologian. (BSc, MSc & PhD in Geography, only BA in Theology).

3. Helen Louise - 5 October 2005

Aaah, I see… It’s ok, I was obviously suffering from grocer’s apostrophe 🙂 Geography sounds good… I used to be good at that but didn’t do it at A-level (although it was probably the GCSE I scored highest in. Ironic, eh?) But often wondered what theology would be like. I get the impression from theology students that I’d probably nearly lose my faith then get it back again with avengeance, and since that’s already happened to me once I think I could handle it 😀

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