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23rd post meme 4 October 2005

Posted by Dr Moose in Uncategorized.

Category: Life (trivia)

This is the second time I’ve come across this, (first from Kathryn and also from /musing/struggling/dreaming) so I thought I should join in for once.

Find your 23rd blog post, then post the 5th sentence of it (or nearest equivalent). I’m not quite sure whether it aims for laughter, insight, the surreal, or the wisdom of the ages., in this hopes (I guess!) of surreal or funny results.

I come up with one of my rare poems from around Easter this year:

Leaving blossom and catkins
springing on the bare boughs
in cold, grey mist.

I think it was a comment on how nothing seemed to have changed after the potentially ever-life changing events of Easter Sunday.

Make of that what you will, dear reader(s)!

[Me, I call it work avoidance. Come to think of it, why 23five? Why not 19four? 🙂 ]



1. John - 4 October 2005

Hey, Moose! I’ve been meaning to comment sometime, having finally realised that this is the home of that nice Moose chap who drops by the Franciscan enclave at Greenbelt 🙂 And now you’ve mentioned my blog, well, I have to comment, don’t I!

pax et bonum

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